Activity Summary


Check this page every once in a while for changes and/or additional information.

Generally east of the Mississippi River is fairly active ..., but things can change.

Maine - not so much.
Vermont - not so much.
New Hampshire - not so much.
New York State - best areas are around New York City; some activity around Buffalo and Syracuse; Albany - not so much.
Pennsylvania - best around Philadelphia; can be good elsewhere.

Other New England States - basically okay.

Most of the Southeast is okay. Other than the following exceptions, probably not much need to reposition much while in the Southeast.
West Virginia can be slow.
Florida - can be slow - better in Miami, Orlando, Ocala, Tampa, Jacksonville ..., but overall slow.
Alabama - can be slow - better in Birmingham, Anniston, Montgomery, but some activity elsewhere.
Mississippi - can be slow - some activity in Jackson, but some activity elsewhere.
Louisiana - mainly slow throughout.

Texas - El Paso is okay usually ... and also Ft. Worth, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Laredo, Del Rio, Brownsville. Basically, West Texas is slow other than El Paso. Can be a lot of trucks in Texas, though.

Mid-west has some activity ... such as Little Rock, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and sometimes Fargo.
Other mid-west states might be a bit slow.

Most of the West is very slow, if not dead. States like Montana might do one load every week or two. Who wants to sit two weeks waiting on a load?
Washington State - some activity in Seattle; other areas probably slower.
Oregon - some activity in Portland; other areas probably slower.
California - the most active area in the West with Los Angeles, San Francisco, & Sacramento probably the best areas
Arizona - Phoenix, Tucson, Nogales with some activity, but probably slow.
Colorado - Denver has some activity, but probably slow.
Utah - Salt Lake City has some activity, but probably slow.

Busy areas include Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, about all of Ohio.

Canada - hard to get out of except Ontario. The busiest areas are around Toronto (north of Buffalo, NY) & Windsor (north of Detroit, MI).