Money Tips


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Restaurant Tips

Some links to check out for saving money at restaurants are:






A few fast-food restaurants have the Dollar Menu ... not a bad value at all.

Motel Tips

When joining, use the Referral Code 129551 to avoid the sign-up fee.


Truck Stop Loyalty Cards

Pilot/Flying J in the pat has allowed two drivers to link their loyalty card ... so each card receives a half shower per fill-up of 20 or 25 gallons. It would seem that some locations provide this for 20 gallons ... meaning a full shower is obtained for 20 gallons when using the two linked accounts.

TA's UltraOne and UltraOne Expeditor card gives a penny a gallon to be used towards a shower or the restaurant. Sometimes you can find unused shower coupons at the fuel pumps. A few others also give a penny per gallon credit when their loyalty card is used.

Fuel Card Fees

The FleetOne card issued by All State has a $3.50 fee for each fuel transaction. The FleetOne card issued by T&S Services has a $2.00 fee. Some places may provide a discount with the use of the card, which may entirely offset this fee.

Panther issues a ComData Card. There's a charge ... often $1.50 ... for each transaction. If you use the ComData Card for fuel and also get a cash advance, it's only an additional $1.00 for the cash advance instead of another $1.50 fee. The Panther ComData card may also provide fuel discounts. You might not see this discount reflected on your fuel receipt, but ComData allows you to log into your individual user account. The actual price you paid will be on your ComData account. Some truck stops provide rebates instead of discounts. If this occurs, you may see a rebate on your payroll settlement, possibly as much as a month after the rebate is issued.

If you also have a www.TabBank.com card, you can transfer from your ComData card to the TabBank card and then use the TabBank card without fees.

Fuel Tips

Most of the major truck stops provide Apps for smartphones. This is a useful resource for locating truck stops nearby or on your route, and then seeing the prices. The price may be substantially different from state to state, even within the state. Several truck stops provide GPS points-of-interest (POI) that can be downloaded and then installed into your GPS unit.

When fueling at some truck stops, if you use your fuel card at the truck pump island, you may get a discount. The Fleet One card may actually have the discount at the pump and on the receipt. With Panther's ComData, you'll probably not see this on the receipt. With ComData, the best way to know what you paid is to actually look at your account online. The exception is Pilot/Flying J. Their discount comes as a rebate from Panther at the end of the current or following month. Many truck stops have a set amount discounted off of the posted cash price.

TA and Petro truck stops vary daily and from place to place. Some locations may offer over $.40 discount and other places might have no discount at all. Panther may have the prices sent to you daily via email if you request that. You also can call the automated TA fuel phone number and enter the location code. The actual Panther price may be a few cents higher than the price you hear on the phone ... about $.05 as of this writing.


In Indiana, you need to provide your DOT or MC number to get the diesel tax-exempt price. TA/Petro will not give you this price. If you use Panther's ComData card, you will not get the discount at TA/Petro in Indiana. As of this writing, the other truck stops do honor the fuel card discounts in Indiana the same as other states. At any rate, in Indiana you should look for stations other than TA/Petro that offer the tax-exempt diesel price. You'll give them the DOT or MC number that is found on the outside of your vehicle.