Diesel Fuel Additives



The above additives are recommended every once in a while, but especially in colder temperatures. These additives may be necessary to prevent gelling. You might need to consider adding an anti-gel additive when in prolonged temperatures much below15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Older Than 2006

In older diesel engines, possibly trucks before 2006, some additional lubricantion for the injectors may be necessary. Diesel additives provide this, but a less expensive alternative may be Automatic Transmission Fluid. It is often recommended by many mechanics as a low-cost ULSD lubricant. Do not use synthetic or Type F. Something similar to the below is acceptable. Use about 1/4 quart of ATF (8 oz.)  per 20 - 25 gallons every fill-up or two.

Not for the newer engines.

Wal-Mart price: August 2008