Fuel Card Info


You can use your fuel card to purchase fuel at truck stops where accepted. There is a "swipe" fee to use the card. All State's Fleet One has a $3.50 fee for a diesel purchase transaction. T&S Services' Fleet One card is $2.00 per transaction. Panther's ComData is $1.50 for a fuel transaction. Other fees may apply.

You can also use your Panther ComData card as an ATM card or a debit card. The ComData fee for this is currently $2.00. These fees are deducted from your ComData balance. If you use your card at an ATM machine, the ATM machine may charge a fee as well. Some fuel cards are only used for fuel and cannot be used for ATM.

You can access ComData online at:

Many carriers arrange for a discount at certain truck stops when using the fuel card. These discounts may not be reflected on the receipt.