Sitting & Waiting ... for a Load


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One of the most frustrating things about expediting for some drivers is sitting. Sometimes it may seem that it's push, push, push, deliver, ... and then wait, wait, wait for the next load. You can easily lose your profit chasing loads and driving empty to reposition to active areas, but if you do deliver to an inactive area, you may have to do that. However, if your area has any activity at all, it may be more cost-effective to just sit and wait for the load ... if you can have the patience for it ... and if your bank account will allow it. Sitting sometimes means idling or running a generator, so it can cost fuel, too. A motel may be an option, but still be prepared for the load that may come. Another option is a campground. And even though active areas can be slow over the weekend, a load could still come when you do not expect it. At any rate, you should realize that in expediting, there can be a lot of sitting ... and it can be hot ... or it can be cold ... and you'll wonder more than a few times if you're better to sit or if you should move.

Let's say you have a job that pays $800 - $1000 a week. It may be wise to look at the week, or even the month, instead of a couple of days. It seems some people just struggle to sit still, while others are very content to make $450 a day for two days rather than $150 a day for six. The one who makes $450 a day for two days may still complain about the sitting the rest of the week. So, look at the week ... look at the month. Did you make the income for the month that you expected or wanted? You could start Monday sitting and then get 1800 miles on Saturday. Or you could have a very slow week or two and then push, push, push, the next week or two. Strategy and planning is important ... and patience is important ... and keeping a good attitude ... and having realistic expectations. And you might as well, expect to sit ... some ... maybe a lot.