Should You Go "Sleeping?"


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Panther has a service-status option called "Sleeping." If you're a Panther driver, you can change your status on the Qualcomm (QC) or by calling in. You might want to think about your strategy before choosing this option. As a rule, they will not call you with a load while you are listed as Sleeping. If this is what you want, you're very tired, you've had a good few days, then fine. But you could be missing a load that picks up the next day ... a load you might want. The risk is, you could also have an unwanted Refusal if they do call you with a load ready now. For example, if you were in a slow area on a Friday, you might not want to miss anything at all. After you've delivered, you may be tired, but the next load out of that area could be picking up on Monday morning. If you go Sleeping, they're not supposed to call you and you'd miss the load that gets you out of that slow area on Monday. And when you do list yourself as Sleeping, remember that you may need to change that status yourself. It may not happen automatically as you might expect. Strategy is important.